Sunday, July 22, 2012

workout shirt mash-up!

I am LOVING today's DIY project and the results, and I am super excited with the little twist that I decided would add a little of my personality to the project.  

What's the project?  A no-sew workout shirt from Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth.  If you click on that link, it will take you to the tutorial.  No need to reinvent the wheel and write the instructions here. This post is to just show you how I made the project my own :).

I went and bought some shirts from Wal Mart (specifically the MENS section) to do this project on.  They were about $3.50 each, which I loved because I'm not so great with scissors, and I was a little nervous that I would mess the shirt up.  

I bought 2 different sets of colors:

The BLUES...


...and the HIGHLIGHTERS!

I followed the tutorial, with only a few errors (which were easy to fix because I was able to just cut away more fabric).  

The twist/flare I added to the project was using the scraps from the sister-tees to add some color to the back wrap.  I chose to do that since these shirts are all PLAIN JANE!  No words. No pictures. NADA!  So, the little detail on the back really made me feel better :)

Here's the final product:

The BLUES...

It's hard to see with the terrible lighting, but I put pink on the orange, yellow on the pink, and orange on the yellow!  I'm LOVING these shirts :)

Here's what the yellow/orange one looks like on a not-so-professional model...aka me

fear my muscles!

i just love that orange flair!

clearly not a model :)

And now for some Before and After side-by-side photos...

**UPDATE** It's been almost a year since I made these shirts, and I still wear them for working out, doing yard-work, and when I just want to be comfy.  I LOVE these shirts!

get your sweat on,

the craft rookie

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