About the craft rookie

Hello!  I'm the craft rookie :)  My name is Sarah, and I am a twenty-something single gal livin' in small-town-next-to-the-big-city Texas. I taught for a total of 5 years - 2 in non-traditional classrooms, and 3 in a local public school district.  I taught 4th & 5th Grade Math & Science mostly, so those are the subjects I generally create learning activities for. I recently left the classroom and transitioned to a job in the business world.  While I loved teaching, I learned that the traditional classroom wasn't where I felt most useful as an educator.  Now, I work my job in the business world and tutor struggling learners in Math a few days a week.  When I get some free time, I also create learning activities to be used to make learning fun.  Those learning activities can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers site, Cove's Corner.

I attended Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, which means that I'm the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2009...WH09P!  While at Texas A&M, I got degrees in Psychology & Sociology.

This blog is a compilation of many different things that all, at random times, have popped into my head.

I like to post different craft projects that I have attempted, and tell you whether I was successful or a big ol' failure!  The many craft ideas are inspired by things I've seen on Pinterest or just random projects that I thought might be cute.

Most of all, I'm just a girl who's trying to find creative ways to enjoy the space I live in and have fun in the process.  I've got a lot of ideas coming, and I hope you enjoy the little dose of me you get with each post!

craft on,

the craft rookie

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