Cove's Corner

Cove's Corner is what I called my classroom in my teacher years.

To find items that I used in my classroom, you can go to my Teachers pay Teachers store, aptly named Cove's Corner.  

I've also uploaded a lot of other ideas for organization and otherwise on my blog here.  The most popular of which is the visual to-do list for students who struggle to remember daily routines.

The other idea that seems to be getting some attention is my embarrassing attempt at being a musical recording artist in the form of the Transformation Slide.  Please, oh please, forgive me for the interesting singing.  We put it together quickly, and I would not be upset at all if you recorded your own - just share it with me and I'll put a link to it on the original post :)

I've also created some Math games for 4th Grade TEKS (Texas Standards) that can be sent home with kiddos to play with siblings or parents. 

I'll be posting other ideas here if I come up with any more :)

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