Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank You!

We've hit 10,000 page views on the craft rookie!

I've been slowly watching that number creep up over the past few months, anxiously awaiting that nice round number :)

Thank you to all who view the blog!  I can't guarantee every idea I share will be awesome, but I'm glad you're sticking with me!

On another note...Teacher time has begun again - we worked Thursday and Friday last week, and I came home on Friday, power napped for 3 hours (yes...3 hours) with the intention of going out with friends afterwards, woke up for about an hour, and then could not keep my eyes open anymore, and by 9:30 I was out for the count. I didn't wake up again until 9:20 am on Saturday. So, if you're doing the Math...I slept for just under 12 hours. Can you say TIRED!?

I can definitely say my body was not ready to get back to work, but things are starting to get moving...classrooms are getting decorated...meetings are happening...I'm learning a lot with a new Principal and LOTS of new staff on our campus (almost 30 new teachers) who have a lot of great ideas for me to borrow :)

As I find time, I'll try to post all the Pinterest ideas I tackled this Summer and other pics of my classroom.  It is slowly but surely getting finalized and colorificated (I realize that's not a word). 

Happily Zappily (yep, that too),

the craft rookie