Friday, March 23, 2012

The Transformation Slide

It's here!  It has hit the digital shelves of the iTunes world.  Okay, not really, but whatever.  

The Transformation Slide has been recorded! It is officially a song with vocals and sound and awesome-ness!

Here's the cover art for the Album! HA!

Image source: HERE

My kids danced to it yesterday in class. It LITERALLY rocked the house! The teacher who's classroom shares a wall with mine told me that our kids dancing to it was shaking her walls...and you could hear the stomps all the way down the hall. 

My principal came down to see the kids dance, and she ran down and got a 2nd grade class to come join in the fun.

We are hoping for a repeat performance at a school assembly in the near future :)

Here's the Youtube link to the song! 

 Side note: there's a part of the song where it tells you to "COBRA" looks like this:

Yes, I love the Texas Rangers! 

Also, I did want to mention that this was created very quickly, so the quality is not professionally cut, but I would LOVE it if you made your own.  I would be so happy  if you took my lyrics and even changed them up a bit and made a better recording.  If you do that, though, please share!  That would be AWESOME :)

i'll be keeping my day job,

the craft rookie wanna-be rapper

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