Sunday, April 22, 2012

sweet little caylin

Sooo, it's about 3 weeks late, but my niece, Caylin Scarlett, has finally arrived!!

Welcome to the world cutie :)

0 days old :)

 With mom - only a few hours old!

In the hospital with daddy (my brother).

With her brother, J.

On Easter Sunday - LOVE that dress!

With big brother again - he asks to hold her every morning before he goes to school. So sweet!

With her cousin, Eden, and her Aunts.  Eden is very curious about the new addition!

And here are some of her newborn pictures (8 days old, I believe...)

 The paisley is from her room :)

Resting peacefully!

Her dad is a Dallas Firefighter, thus the DFD.

Can you see the little smirk in this one?? Favorite picture of the day!

Isn't she precious?

the craft rookie

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