Sunday, January 22, 2012


So, I've been doing the insanity workout for 3 weeks and 2 days now.  It is aptly named, for sure! 

Here are the results that I've seen in these few short weeks:

Vertical Jump
Before: could barely jump 3 inches off the ground
Now: 11 inches

1.5 mile run
Before: could barely run for more than 2 minutes straight
Now: I can run the entire 6 laps without stopping in 14:33

Before: couldn't do 1 with good form
Now: can do 10 consecutively with perfect form

Before: not great :)
Now: i've dropped 7 lbs

What's the moral of my story??

Insanity is a GREAT workout! 

The downside?

My body aches...a lot!  Currently, my ankles and knees are hurting, but I keep telling myself that old saying: "No pain. No gain."

Icy-Hot'ing my ankles,

the craft rookie

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