Thursday, January 5, 2012

the many looks of berkely the cat, and interpretations of her dreams.

Oh, that cat.

That cat named Berkely.

Berkely, the kitty-cat.

Let's meet her, shall we?

This is what Berkely looks like when she is lounging on my new blanket that I got for Christmas.

She loves this blanket. Do you see that little smile?

 This is not the same picture as above.  This is just rapid fire photography.  You never know when a kitty-cat is going to move and do something adorable.  All you moms out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  Don't even pretend like you don't.

 When she curls up like this, I wonder what she dreams about...

Here she is trying to get into a tighter tuck...

 The pike position, which she was in initially, gave way to this little number.  I imagine that in her dreams, she is an Olympic diver - pike, somersault, somersault, somersault, dive! No splash! Then, be sure to look beautiful and graceful under water for the cameras.

 A close-up.  Turns out, if you get closer, you still cannot read their minds. Dang.

After her somersault phase, she resorted to this.  She must be exhausted from all that spinning, protecting her face from the flash of the camera bulbs! Or...back in reality, she just doesn't like the light hitting her eyes when she sleeps.  I knew I liked this cat for a reason. A female after my own heart.

Another rapid-fire photo.  Again, I'll cite the moms out there as my reference for why these photos are important.

On a completely different day, this is her under the covers. She lounged like that with her arm extended out all the way.  I had a bunch more of the photos from that day where she was just lookin' ridiculous!  

In this photo, I imagine that she thinks she is an Army soldier, crawling through the trenches in war!

Oh, what an active imagine she's got...

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