Monday, January 16, 2012

what teachers do on "teacher work days"

While the name of the day implies that teachers actually get work done, that is actually not 100% accurate.  We, as Teachers, would LOVE the ability to come in on a day without the students (during the week...definitely not the weekend) and plan lessons, grade papers, reorganize our classrooms, respond to e-mails, meet with our co-teachers, meet with parents, etc, etc.  

However, most districts do not allow this to happen - they require teachers to sit through so many hours of workshops and trainings every year.  Today, our very own "teacher work day" was spent learning how to teach writing and reading strategies to our students.

Now, if I were a Writing or Reading Teacher, I could definitely see the value in this.  BUT, I teach Math. Math only.  Nothing but Arithmetic.

So, I spent the day finding ways to entertain myself while still listening to the workshop.  I learned how I can incorporate Writing into my Math lessons - by having students write a dialogue between the operations of Multiplication and Division where they argue/bicker about which operation is most important and why.  That why word is the kicker.  Kids have a hard time explaining why.  Generally, they say, "Well.  Because you said so!" 

That makes me wonder about how we speak to children as adults.  Is "Because I said so" really the only answer we give?  Or, does it just seem like it to them?

Anyway, back to the point.  This is how I spent the afternoon:

I made little index card mouths :)  I'm mostly proud of this one. 

Who says teachers can't act like their students every once in a while??

happy "teacher work day,"

the craft rookie

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