Sunday, February 5, 2012

make-up holder mash-up!

Okay, some of you may know, I'm not the type to just take a craft and do it.  I have to, in some way, make it my own.  Or, I take multiple different ideas and put them together in one.

Today's craft is of the latter persuasion. It is a makeup holder that you can mount on the wall. I took 2 different ideas found from Pinterest (fancy that), and put them together to create something that I have LOVED every day since I finished it :)  The 2 ideas can be found here and here.

I think I spent maybe $15 total on this project!  When I originally went to complete this project, I tried following this tutorial, I bought a frame for $20 and then went to go pick up some sheet metal, but none of the pre-cut sheet metal fit my frame, and none of the stores (Lowe's, Home Depot, ACE) would cut it for me.  They said I'd have to cut it myself, which is why I went back to the drawing board and came up with a way to do this cheap, easy, and painless. :)

I don't have any "in progress" photos, but I have the final product and can explain to you everything I did to create it.

- Baking sheet
- Fabric
- Adhesive Spray Glue
- Hot Glue
- 1 pkg Magnets (can be found at Wal Mart) - regular fridge magnets
- 2 pkgs More magnets (also found at WM) - the STRONG kind
- Small plastic cups (found mine at Target)
- Raffia (it's the stuff that looks like hay)
- Screws (x2)
- A handyman that will use their electric drill

How to...

1. Take your baking sheet - it can be any size (I would say stick to Small or Medium, though, depending on how much make up you are wanting to display on yours) and your Fabric.  Measure and cut your fabric so that it will cover the front bottom of the pan (read that not cover the border/lip of the pan).

2. Spray the Adhesive Glue on to the front bottom of the pan and lay the cut fabric down to secure it in place.  Be very careful on this step, as the Adhesive Glue has a tendency to dry fast (at least mine did) so once your fabric hits it, it is gonna stay there.  Also, don't mash the fabric down once you have it in place - this can allow the adhesive glue to bleed through the fabric and discolor it.  Just lightly smooth out the fabric.

3. Take the Raffia and line all the edges of the pan so that the frayed edges of the fabric (from being cut) are hidden. I used about 4-5 strings of Raffia to do this on each side.  I also tried to use long strings of raffia that would turn the corner and continue lining the next side.  It made for a not so obvious switch when one string ran out and you needed to start another. Glue this down with dots of hot glue. You don't want to make it so secure that it looks tight.  Allow it to have some looseness to it.

4. Next, take some more raffia and tie a loose bow using about 5-6 strings.  Glue that bow down in one of the corners.  You can repeat this as much as you please. I only used 1 because Raffia in itself is a little boisterous and busy.

5. Take one of the cups you bought, and hot glue 3 of the STRONG magnets in vertical line on the side that you don't want facing out. Repeat this with the 2nd cup.

6. Take your makeup, and glue the other magnets (the refrigerator ones) to the back using your hot glue.

7. Get your local/home handyman to help you hang this up using the screws.  I found screws were the only way to hang it because you'd have to hammer through the metal of the baking sheet to nail it up.  The electric drill helps IMMENSELY.

8. Put your cups and makeup on the board in whatever placement you desire.  Note: I used one of the cups for my makeup brushes and the other holds my lip gloss, eye liner, and mascara. I chose not to put magnets on those items because I take those things with me when I'm going out.

Final product? Here it is....

I chose to keep it simple and only put the make up on there that I use every day.  I don't use eye shadows or 6 different blushes each week, so I just have my basics.

Baking sheet love,

the craft rookie

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