Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reading Numbers to the Millions Activity Pack

Hello, friends! I am excited to say that I have FINALLY found the time (and energy) to create a new file folder game.  YAY!

This file folder activity is specifically for place value practice with reading and writing numbers up to the hundred millions place value.

Included in the activity pack are matching cards for numbers written in standard and word form and a key for students to self-check their answers once they are done.  

After the activity, there is also a quick check/quiz that students can take as a formal assessment of the skill. There is also a key for the quick check with a grade scale at the bottom for easy grading :)

You can find it for download in my TpT store, Cove's Corner.

You can also click the pic below and it will take you the product in my TpT store.

thanks a million :)


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