Wednesday, November 23, 2011

first post...why i'm blogging

So, I created this blog because of my addiction to Pinterest.  Yes, I use that term as a:

- Verb: "I'm gonna Pinterest for a few hours..." (a conversation I have often with my roommate)
- Noun: "Have you been to Pinterest today?" (another conversation had with the roommie)
- Adjective: "That looks Pinteresting!" (guess who I say this to...)

That site has literally made me into a crafting FREAK! I've gotten a bunch of ideas for how to make my home more organized, pretty, and workable with the space that I've got.

The plan is to post pictures and tips for finishing the crafts that I've done.  I've made many errors on the ones I've done so far, and if I can pass on that wisdom of my ridiculousness to help someone not waste money, glue, or sanity, then my mistakes are worth it.

I'm planning on posting some of my own craft ideas on here, as well, in addition to what I've taken from Pinterest and made into my very own.  I rarely follow a craft exactly as it has been posted (Maybe because I'm rebellious. Maybe because I'm weird. The jury's still out.). So, hopefully you (I say you to the future followers **keeping fingers crossed** of my blog) will find some inspiration from my crafts and tweak them to your liking, as well!

On a side note, I am completely addicted to the new tv show "Revenge" - if you haven't seen it, do so...NOW! I'm watching it at the moment, which is probably why it's on the brain, but, nevertheless, I find it so intriguing.

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