Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i made it!!!!

Celebrate good times, C'mon! WOOOO!!

My class party was today, and I got to talk to some of the parents from my homeroom.  It was so exciting to hear from a lot of them about how they've seen their students grow so far this year in their Math abilities.

I also got the SWEETEST card from the Step-Dad of one of my students who is moving away.  He mentioned how much he has enjoyed having me teach his Step Daughter in Math because she has really started to love the subject this year, and they have seen her mature, etc etc.  Then, to top it all off and make me really want to cry, he and his Step Daughter came in to talk to me in person about how much they are going to miss me.  SUCH a tear jerker!

I honestly didn't think that I would make it through the day because we didn't really have anything planned other than the class party, which started 2 hours after the school day began.  So, I let my students play the board games they created in their Reading classes, and I also brought out a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  It was so calming and fun to work at a task with them and get to see their reasoning skills come alive.  I know that's not really what puzzles are all about, but I'm always trying to learn about my students and what makes their world go 'round.

We didn't finish the puzzle, so I told them that I would keep it out for when they returned in January and we could finish it as a class. 

I also brought out my yearbook from when I was in 4th Grade.  According to my students, and their parents, I look the same as my 9 year old self.  I'll take that as a compliment, thank you very much! I'm okay with looking younger at this point in my life.  I'm hoping that trend sticks. :)


It's officially time for Winter Holiday! I am overwhelmed with the joy of having the next week and a half off.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this time will be as restful as I intended for it to be,

the craft rookie

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