Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Okay, so another loaded post. Here we go...

Do you remember those neighbors who helped jump my car on Thanksgiving Day?  I first talked about them on the day of crafting post, and then I showed my gift to them on this day.  Well, they have surprised me yet again!  I was out shopping, and when I came home, this is what was waiting for me:

     They baked me cookies!

                 And they sent a card with it!

Fast forward to Friday night....>>>>>>>>>>>  <- those are my fast forward marks...

My current roommate went out of town again.  So, you know what that means! Yep....the cat slept on me for the past few nights! This is completely an aside...let's get back to the action!

My roommate from a few years ago, Stephanie, had a Christmas party at her new place in Uptown. It was a "Tacky Sweater" Christmas Party.  I was so excited to go because I haven't seen Steph since April!  One small dilemma...I don't own any tacky Christmas sweaters, something I am very proud of, actually.  So, instead of wearing a tacky sweater, I just dressed festively.  However, I was VERY uncomfortable in those clothes, and by that I mean that I need to lose some weight (ugh..).

So, when I got there, Stephanie let me borrow some of her clothes.

She gave me a dress and some Reindeer antlers that light up when you press a button - they were an awkard moment saver all night long! Steph (isn't she beautiful??) dressed up as a Christmas present.  She wore that box around all night long!

Christmas Eve.  I finally wrapped my presents!  But, more importantly, I spent the entire day after that CLEANING my room, bathroom, and office!  Not only did I clean, though, I also ORGANIZED!  OOOOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOSH! It felt so good to get organized!  I'll post pictures when the project is completely done - I have to go get my label maker from my classroom to get the finishing touches.  I'll post some before pictures (which I'm actually quite embarrassed of) and the after shots so you can see just how much progress was made!

Fun fact: While I was cleaning, I accidentally stepped on Berkely the cat's little paw!  She yelped and went running!  She ran under a chair and tried to hide from me, and when I went over to kiss it and heal the wounded foot, she ran off again and hid under my roommate's bed!  She finally came out about 10 minutes later, and decided spending time with me wasn't the best idea.  So, she took some cat naps on the chair in the Family Room.  And by "cat naps" I mean that she had her head down and eyes closed, but every time she heard me coming, I got the MAJOR stink eye.

Usually, when I walk by, she picks up her head and meows at me to come pet her.  She was TICKED! I'm happy to say that she has since forgiven me...or forgotten, I don't really know what the research says about cat memory...

Saturday night, I went out to my favorite bar - The Fillmore Pub in Downtown Plano, with my friends Destre and Matt.  This is a Christmas tradition with my friends and me.  We've gone every year for the past 3 years on either Christmas Eve or Christmas as a way to celebrate with each other after all the family time has gotten to us!

It's the best bar that I have been to in a while.  I've been a regular there for a little over a year, so I went to the bank and withdrew a Christmas tip for my bartenders.  I also shared the wealth of the baked goods my students brought me for Christmas this week.  I don't need to be eating any more sweets!

If you ever go, Dan and Erik are the best bartenders, and if you enjoy sarcasm, you'll truly love them!  Just don't tell them I gave them a compliment.  I don't want it going to their heads :)

Anyways, back to the story. Santa showed up at the Fillmore! Here's some things I learned about Santa last night:

1. Santa drinks
2. Santa smokes
3. Santa has a hard time walking when steps are involved (which may or may not be related to item #1.  The jury's still out...)

Since a celebrity showed up, we had to get the obligatory "fan" photos:

Destre, Santa, and me. (Sorry for the blurryness!!)
Santa and Matt.

I promise to:

- post photos of the embarrassing before and happy after shots of my cleaning/organizing day
- post photos of my Christmas present to my niece.  I finally finished this project, and LOVE how it turned out!
- lose weight

A note...

The entire time I've been writing this post, Berkely has been trying to get my attention and some much-needed pets.  This is how she goes about letting me know...

"Hmm...what's this thing??"

"Hey, you! Look at me!  Pet me! Love me! Meow..purr..purr..meow!"

"Look, Sarah!  I can do a handstand!"
And now, for the funniest picture of the day...

This was Berkely this morning.  Ignore how GROSS I look - I had just woken up, she was laying on me, and I snapped this photo just in time!  Can someone please caption this photo?!?!

jlaskg <-- Berkely typed that,

the craft rookie

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