Monday, January 2, 2012

casinooo, baby...

okay, so, those who know me know that i'm not a big fan of drinking.  i'll have a beer or two and then i'm done for a while.  sooooo, because of that, i asked my friends if we could not do the traditional "crazy" new years eve celebration and opt for something just as fun, but with less alcohol around us.

the solution?? go to the casino, of course!

so, on nye, destre, matt, destre's mom, Sandy, and I drove up from my house to durant, oklahoma where the choctaw casino and resort is.  we stopped for dinner at chili's just past the border and then made our way up to the large color-changing building :)

this was my first time at the casino, so i needed to be educated on how to play things.  because i don't trust myself at a table, and i get bored easily when things aren't moving quickly, i stuck to the slot machines, specifically the 1 cent machines where the max bet is $1 (big money, big money!).

i did pretty well for myself - at the end of the night, i came out in the plus by $20. all in all, i'm happy with the results.  i might also be considering a repeat trip when it's less busy!

the best part? just before midnight, this is what happened:

I won $16.65 off of one spin!  So awesome!  At that point, I had won $58.04 (after putting in $80) basically, I was down about $20).  I kept playing, and finally got in the plus. Those machines were lucky for me!  When I go back, I'm planting my behind in front of them.

This is us at midnight.  I asked if we could take a different photo because my arms looked awkward in this one.  That's Destre, me, and Matt (left to right).

Here's the one Destre snapped.

Meet Destre's mom, Sandy!  She's a blast to have around!

i've already spent my $20,

the craft rookie

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