Monday, January 2, 2012

ride alongs

okay, so remember when i told you guys that i was going to be doing a police ride-along a few weeks ago?  well, i did!

so far, i've done 2 of them, and i have another one scheduled for january 14th.  i'm in love!

Bryan Ride-Along
 This is the only photo I have from my ride-along in Bryan.  We were going lights and sirens to a call, and I got this cool shot of the side mirror with the lights reflecting off of it.  The officer I was riding with, a friend of mine from college, was going 90 down the road.  So exhilerating!

Arlington Ride-Along

The Officer I was riding with was driving down the street on patrol, and we saw this little gem.  I asked if we could pull over so I could get a photo. Yeah, that dude did not have a good end to the night :)

Here are a few more photos and different angles from the interesting driving talents of a less than aware person!


that explains it all.

who wouldn't want a job that allows you to see stuff like that?!

feeling driven (no pun intended),

the craft rookie

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