Saturday, February 4, 2012

melissa's door announcement wreath thingamajig!!

So, as I mentioned around Thanksgiving, my brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby girl.  Well, Melissa, that's the preggers one, found a cute craft on Pinterest for a wreath to hang outside the hospital door announcing the sex of the baby.

So, today's craft comes from my sister-in-law by way of Pinterest (yes...the addiction extends into my extended's that for using some form of the word extend twice in one sentence?!).

She started with:

- A pool ring - bought at the Dollar Store

- Tulle (sound it out...yep, that's confusing. Say "tool"...there ya go). She bought 2 different colors for her wreath

- Ribbon to match the Tulle
- Scissors

How To...

1. Take the Tulle and cut equal pieces in length - hers were about a foot long each (maybe slightly less).

2. Start tying the strips of Tulle on to the pool ring by folding the Tulle strip in half, then laying it over the edge of the pool ring and pulling the free ends of the Tulle through the loop of the Tulle. You should end with a loop that it's attached to the pool ring.



3. Repeat step 2 with alternating colors.  She did 2 pink, 1 green, 2 pink, 1 green...I think you see the pattern :)

4. When you're done, you can hang it up with ribbon.

The final product?? It can be seen on her Pinterest page here. The one she made for her sister-in-law can be found here.  Or, you can just keep scrolling down :) I know..I'm tricky like that!

The one above (with the hot pink) is Melissa's.  She also made one for HER sister-in-law, Kelly, who is also pregnant and also having a baby...that's a lot of "also"!

What was I doing while she was creating these awesome wreaths, you ask?  Well, first of all, thank you for caring about me.  And second of all, I was diligently paying attention to the Harry Potter movies that we were watching.  We decided to continue our HP marathon that we started on Thanksgiving..2 years ago :). And, third of all, THIS is what I was doing:

I played with the dogs.  Hallie, the one in the picture with me, got a little kiss-happy.
I also blew up balloons for my nephew to play with...and play with them, he did.

 He fashioned himself a mustache....and then, I learned how to spell mustache.

He made himself very large lips...

 ...and then hammed it up for the camera

And then I hung out with my nephew s'more..but no, we didn't make s'mores (although, now I wish we had...s'mores...yummm...).
 Here he is in the process of blowing up a balloon (he had a little hand pump).
 Let's just say the hand pump was less than, he sat there for a while with a non-inflated balloon :)

 I decided to take a picture of him in his basketball jersey.  He's doing SOOOO good with his basketball team!  They had played earlier that day, and they had won!  He also got a basket that both his mom and I missed because we were deep in conversation.  Don't fault us for wasn't his first basket in a game. So, we felt bad, but not so terribly bad!

I also took this photo because I thought it was cute that we both put our feet up on the table like that...

And finally, the last thing I did...

Confuse the crap outta the other dog, Keely. Then, I did it again so I could take this photo :)
Only HP 7 Pt 1 and 2 left!

the craft rookie

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