Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mind blown!

I just found an AWESOME app (from Pinterest, of course...) that I can use to create videos to teach new concepts and then use those videos in my classroom to teach my students!  Then, I can upload the video to my class website for the students to get the SAME lesson at home while they are working on homework!  Hearing the same lesson they got at school while at home, how COOL!  Especially for those students whose parents have very honestly identified themselves as Math Challenged :)

Is your mind blown yet?? Because mine sure is!

Click HERE to see my lesson over Double Digit multiplication! **Sorry for how soft the volume is, I was trying not to talk to loud while I was testing out the app - didn't want to shout and blow your ear drums :)**

You can click the picture above to take you to my teacher profile that has all my video lessons uploaded!


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