Friday, June 22, 2012

microwave s'mores!

Okay, so I try to deny it, but I LOVE sweet things.  I'm not a big fan of candy - I only like it every now and then, but I absolutely look forward to having something sweet after dinner each day.

OBVIOUSLY, I can't eat a heavy dessert every day, otherwise I would need to replace my wardrobe a lot, so, enter microwaveable s'mores!

As a former staff member at a Sky Ranch here in Texas (WHOOP!), I have an obsession with s'mores.  Campfire nights just didn't feel right without the graham, the 'mallow, and the chocolate - shout out to Smalls.

Anyways, let's get down to it - prep and cook time about 5 minutes.

In order to make these delicious s'mores you will need:

1. Graham Crackers
2. Peanut Butter (I have Almond Butter above, but PB is better) - optional
3. Marshmallow Cream
4. Chocolate Morsels

Okay, here's the How To:

1. Take 1 flat of graham cracker, and break it in half. It's nearly impossible to get in on the half way line, but I like to make a game of it.  I have a mini celebration when I do get that "clean break." Clearly, I need more practice, which is OKAY with this girl!

2.  Spread some Peanut Butter on the graham. This is completely optional, but, in my kitchen, totally necessary.

3. Spread some Marshmallow cream on top of the Peanut Butter.

4. Drop some chocolate morsels on top.

5. Toss in the Microwave for about 15-20 seconds. I like 20 seconds, but my mom prefers closer to like 10.  It's all personal preference at this point. 

While in the microwave, the Marshmallow cream will start to inflate...or puff up - TOTALLY normal. 

I usually let mine sit for a couple minutes before I dig in, but if you want the sticky, true s'mores-like experience, take a bite as soon as the microwave dings!

eat up!

the craft rookie

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