Wednesday, June 20, 2012

consumers will LOVE Apps Gone FREE!

Okay, so...I have a confession to make. 


and dogs...

Here's an obligatory funny canine photo:

 Okay...I'm done. Back to relevant matters...

Yes, I have an iPhone, but, no, that does not mean that I like to spend a bunch of money on different apps for my phone. I especially struggle with the idea of spending money on an app that I do not know if I'll like it or use it.  The Reviews that are found on each app are helpful, but I'm pretty picky...and I have a tendency to not trust those reviews completely.  

So, I love it when apps give "Lite" (why they spell it like that is BEYOND me...) versions so that I can test out the app with limited features to decide if I want to purchase the full version.  

What could be better than that, right?

Well, I will tell you what - FREE FULL VERSION APPS!  These deals only come around every so often for each app - when the developers are looking to boost sales by providing free versions for a limited time and they rely on word of mouth from those lucky few who got the free version to boost sales when the price jumps back up (is that a run-on? It's 4 lines long...).

There is a WONDERFUL person/group of people who have put together a website that updates DAILY with the apps that have reduced their price to FREE that day.  

The name of this website?  App Chronicles.  And a Chronicle it is!  They have a section solely devoted to this FREEDOM of commerce! Found HERE :)

Here's a screen grab of what it looks like for an app called Toolbox+:

Below each app, they give a short description about what the apps purpose is:

Wanna know what I consider to be the "GEM" of this site?

The fact that they UPDATE when the apps go back to full price on their site.  That's true dedication to their audience - and an unnecessary extra step.  I appreciate that about them.  They don't just post daily about what apps are free that day...they go back to apps they've posted about on previous days and look to see if they are still free.  If they are, the post looks exactly the same as it does above.  

If it's gone back to full price (BOOOOOOO), it looks something like THIS:

I was particularly sad that I only found this website today because I would have LOVED to get that app for free...I LOVE to budget (she said whilst shaking her head left and right violently...).

Do you LOVE the idea of this site??

I think it's GENIUS!

already playing my new game,

 the craft rookie

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