Friday, June 1, 2012

is it june already?!

time sure does fly!

it's summer - school's out. i've been in my pajamas all day long. 

long story short...i'm LOVING being lazy.

what i'm also loving, though, is the book that i picked up for some summer reading.  what is this book, you ask?? it's a biography slash informational about one of the biggest internet sensations EVER.  yes, i do mean EVER.

it's "the facebook effect" by david kirkpatrick, and i HIGHLY recommend it! it's so interesting to hear about the early days of the website and all about the way things came about - even contemporary happenings that influenced the decisions being made regarding the website and its features.  

some of my favorite parts describe mark zuckerberg's interactions with big business executives who he wanted nothing to do with.  it's a great story that tells the makings of this social networking site from many angles. david kirkpatrick does a great job of setting up the timeline for his readers!

By David Kirkpatrick: The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World 

i'm revolting against proper punctuation and capitalization?

happy reading,

the craft rookie

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