Friday, May 31, 2013

Area & Perimeter with Basic Facts Math Center

Yay! I feel so productive lately :) Today's file folder game is geared towards 3rd grade initial instruction and 4th grade reteach for calculating Area & Perimeter with basic multiplication facts.  I am currently working on creating two similar packs - one with non-basic facts (i.e. 2 digit by 1 digit) and one involving double-digit multiplication so that students can get practice with their other multiplication skills.

This is a great resource that can be used in tutoring, as a Math Center, or as a fun activity for fast finishers.  

And, the best part about it....more CHEVRON :)  Whoo-hooo!

You can find this game and others like it in my TpT store, Cove's Corner.

Or, you can click either of the images above or right here to go straight to this product in my store.

I've also got an Area & Perimeter game that involves 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication.  You can find it here.

enjoy :)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Geometry Lines Song :)

Hello, again!  Today's post is about a little song I dreamed up for my students to remember the difference between Parallel, Perpendicular, and Intersecting Lines during our Geometry Unit.  

I love, love, LOVE singing songs to help kids learn because that is how some of my favorite teachers taught me when I was growing up.  It says a lot that kids can remember the lyrics to every song on a band or singers album but struggle to remember the meaning of vocabulary words in school.  We learn better when there's a rhythm and rhyme to things :)  

I'll be sharing some of the songs my teachers taught me in the coming months.  There are 2 that I learned in 4th and 6th grade that I still know and recite to this day.  So, you know they're catchy!'s a few pictures of the posters I created for the song:


You can click here to find this and other things I've created in my TpT store, Cove's Corner.


You can click any of the images above or here to be taken directly to this FREE product at my
TpT store!

happy day!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Points for Products - A Double Digit Multiplication Game!

I'm so excited about today's file folder game.  It's a board game for practicing Double Digit Multiplication, and it involves CHEVRON print!!

You can click here to see it and other games I've created in my Teachers pay Teachers store, Cove's Corner.

Or, you can click the picture below to go directly to the game in my store.

I hope you enjoy playing Points for Products with your students!

Sending you multiplication wishes and chevron dreams :)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reading Numbers to the Millions Activity Pack

Hello, friends! I am excited to say that I have FINALLY found the time (and energy) to create a new file folder game.  YAY!

This file folder activity is specifically for place value practice with reading and writing numbers up to the hundred millions place value.

Included in the activity pack are matching cards for numbers written in standard and word form and a key for students to self-check their answers once they are done.  

After the activity, there is also a quick check/quiz that students can take as a formal assessment of the skill. There is also a key for the quick check with a grade scale at the bottom for easy grading :)

You can find it for download in my TpT store, Cove's Corner.

You can also click the pic below and it will take you the product in my TpT store.

thanks a million :)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

i need your help!

I have been trying for a couple months now to find out what type of tree the one pictured below is with no success, so I decided to open it up to the interwebs to see if anyone else can identify it.

I drive by this when I go to my parents house, and I absolutely love it.  Even when it has no leaves, the curve of the branches and the way they point straight up to the sky is so captivating to me.  

I know I could go to a tree nursery, but I figured I'd try this route, too.

So, there it is.  Do you know what kind of tree that is?  If so, please share in a comment below so I can be part of the club!

Thanks in advance :)

the craft rookie