Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, lazy Sunday

I don't have any actual crafts to post about this time.  It's Sunday, and I've decided to be lazy :)  Although, there's a cute Pine Cone Elf pictured below that my roommate made with a list of materials that she used.

First, I'd like to show you what happens when my roommate goes out of town for a night.

Her cat, Berkely, gets lonely and falls asleep on me.  This is what I woke up to this morning...I guess I'm lucky that I love that cat, otherwise this would probably get annoying!

This next part is going to be about my roommate.  So, I figured I might as well give you some background on her.  Her name is Ashley, she graduated from Texas Tech (which affords interesting conversation on College Football Saturdays), and is an Art Teacher at the Middle School I worked at last year.  

She and I are very different.  One of my favorite stories to tell about our differences is that she is super into decorating for every holiday.  No matter what it is, she wants to have a decoration around the house to acknowledge the event.  So, when Halloween was approaching, our house had pumpkins galore, fall leaves on the mantle, more pumpkins, and more fall decorations. 

Me being the question-asker that I am, I asked her, "Why do you put out all these decorations? You put them up just to take them down a week later.  That seems like a lot of work!"  

Her response?  "You (pointing to me), Math teacher.  Me (pointing to herself), Art teacher."

That statement right there pretty much summed it all up for me, in addition to making me laugh pretty heartily. The only thing I could say in return was, "Agreed."

I've told you about my roommate because, yet again, for another holiday, she has decorated our house.  I guess it's nice that she does that because if it were up to me, the house would look the same year-round (maybe with a few furniture items rearranged because I get bored easy).

She has created a little pine cone elf that, originally sat on the mantle.  This has become our very own "Elf on a Shelf" because she so desperately wanted one, but opted for making one instead since she doesn't have any kids to buy the real thing for.

When she made it, I decided that I would take on the role of changing our Elf's location every day. 

Here are a few of the options I've used so far:

Day 1: Elf rollercoaster.  He sure liked the extra kick of caffeine at the end :)

Day 2: Elf on a Vase :) [honestly, I thought this was a Candlestick holder at first...and I put him there because he's "hot" like a lit candle].  By the way, that's my roommate in the background.  
Day 3: Elf Church!  It is Sunday after all.  Notice the "Elder" Pine cones with Stars in the back row!

Day 3 (continued): The Elf Church Bulletin :)

That's all I've got at this point.  I'll try to post more about his adventures!  

If you would like to know what he is made of to make one of your own, his body is obviously a pine cone.  His hat, gloves, boots, and scarf are made of felt.  He has little tiny bells at the tips of his shoes, and his legs and arms are made of pipe cleaner.  His little head is a wooden sphere with permanent marker eyes. I think she used fabric glue and super glue to put him all together, but don't quote me on it.  Just go with whatever adhesive you have on had.

The last thing I wanted to share with you for today is that I'm starting a new workout regimen.  I've gained weight (as I usually do when it gets cold), and I'm not happy about it.  So, I went on a walk tonight all around my neighborhood.  

I walked by some houses that were decorated for Christmas in ways that I admired.

 I mainly admire this house for being so darn bright!  I bet it can be seen from space.  There are very few street lamps in my neighborhood, and this house definitely lit my path as I walked by.

Many of the houses in our neighborhoods have gates that block their driveway.  So, you can see the gates from the street in the front of the house.  One of our neighbors decorated their gate with garland and lights! 
I hope you've had a lovely Sunday!

the craft rookie

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