Sunday, December 18, 2011

hair, dress, dog...

A lot has happened since I last updated!

My roommate went out of town for a few days and left her puppy, Ollie, and the kitty, Berkely, behind with me.  So, to say the few days were an adventure is an understatement!

She left Thursday night, which meant that the pup and kitty stayed in my room that night.  Berkely, being her usual self, slept on me all night long.  To add insult to injury, Ollie wouldn't stop snoring!  I barely slept, and Friday was tired.  So, so tired.

The cat that wouldn't let me sleep...She's a big fan of making a bed out of your side when you lay down.  Her likes also include waking up humans by licking their noses with her rough tongue; purring in your ear; kneading people's bellies, making certain someone's (ME!) feel fat.

The snorer himself. The lighting is bad, but you get the gist.  He's adorable, loveable, and totally still a puppy.  I think I held his toy up above my head in order to get him to look at the camera long enough for this shot. His likes include: squeaky toys and making them squeak; chewing on wood of any kind - trees, table legs, window sills...; eating; peeing when he gets excited; and chewing on anything else he can get his little puppy teeth on.


Speaking of Friday, I left work early (ohhh, how wonderful that was) to go to my sister's Pinning ceremony - it's a Rite of Passage for all Nursing School graduates.  So, after I left work, I ran home, played with the dog, entertained the cat, and then ran out to Denton with my family. 

The ceremony...was the longest ceremony. EVER. No lie. 95 graduates, 2 hours long. I loved being there and all, but there were countless times when I wished the people giving speeches would've seen that shepherd's hook coming out from the wings of the stage.

Here's how I did my hair...

 My sister put her daughter's red bow (that my sister made!) in my hair for the photo.  Silly, Kristina!

 A side view. Here's the tutorial for the 'do. It's super easy and ridiculously cute!  Mine ended up a bit more messy, but it took me about 5 minutes to do once I had put my hair into the 3 pony tails.

Fastforward to when I got home.  I had every intention to go out with a few friends Friday night, and boy was I in for a rude awakening.  I walked through the door, greeted the cat, and then, it happened.  I saw this....

Ollie had gotten bored. He had chewed up his bedding. He had caused a mess.  He had left it for me.  He had canceled my plans for the night. Oh, Ollie! Ugh....

Oh, well. I didn't really need to go out on Friday.

Now, Saturday. I was lazy for a while, and then went out to McKinney's Third Monday Trade Days.  Oh.My.Gosh!  I'm in LOVE!  I found this small shop out there called "Fancy Nancy's" and fell in lust with some of her designs!  The dresses she makes are adorable...and that doesn't even feel like a strong enough word for how much I like what she has created.

If you want to check out some of her designs, click HERE. You can e-mail her at, too. 

After Trade Days, I decided to stop in at Plato's Closet to find a dress for the wedding I had to go to last night.  I found the CUTEST dress for $15, ran home, showered, put it on, and my date was there before I even had the chance to finish my make-up.

Here's the loveliness...

The wedding was a lot of fun, and I saw a lot of things that I appreciated about the thought that went into the planning of the ceremony and reception.  Here are a few of the "loves" that I snapped some pics of.

The centerpieces! They were so cute!  Wire trees with votive holders at the top and strings of crystals hanging off the limbs, all sitting on a mirror.  They were beautiful in their simplicity.  I appreciated the "non-traditional" look of not using floral arrangements that overwhelm the nose!

Each table was named after a memory of the couple.  With each location, they told the story that made that place special to them. 
There were assigned tables.  When I picked up my name, I then got to go on a mini scavenger hunt of the couple's memories as I found my way to my table.  It was really cool!

Also pictured, the lovely drinks.  I had Chardonnay and Champagne all night. YUMMY!

wishing the weekend was longer,

the craft rookie

p.s. only 2 and a half more days til Christmas Break! YESSSSS!!!!

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