Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the sickness...i'm not down with it!

Craziness of all craziness happened today at work!  Our school has literally been HIT with a stomach bug. 

At 10AM this morning, we had 108 kids absent, and throughout the day, we just kept sending more home.  Our school nurse had to rename her clinic the "Vomitorium" because of all the up-chucking happening in there!

Even our Principal's Secretary couldn't get away from it!  We have a Security Camera still shot of her accidentally stepping in a pile of throw-up when she walked out in to the hallway, unknowingly!

I had a total of 35 students today when normally, I have 60. SO CRAZY!

One of my coworkers started the day with 9 students in his class, and, by the end of the day, he was left with 6.  The kids just kept falling like flies!

We even had a Kindergarten kid who's mom sent him to school with a barf bag...haha, that made me chuckle more than a lot!

I had a student who, during dismissal, as school was just about over, ran to the bathroom to throw up. I had to send her to the nurse and make her miss her bus because I didn't want other kids to get sick!

My classroom officially got cleaned by Clorox wipes 3 times today, and I didn't let a kid do ANYTHING without sanitizing their hands or washing thoroughly with soap and water first!  This is getting unreal!

I'm thinking tomorrow, I'll have even fewer students because they just keep spreading it around!  If this isn't a life-lesson for them on how to be sanitary and not be little germ incubators, I don't know what could possibly teach them that invaluable lesson!

Here's to hoping I don't get sick!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me :-/

Waiting for the inevitable,

the craft rookie

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